Spreading awareness on the gravity of sexual assault

"To everyone who has gone through any kind of sexual assault, remember that it will never be your fault." -Jameson Blake


Jameson Blake, sister aim to spread awareness on the gravity of sexual assault

Actor Jameson Blake aired his one hundred percent support for sister who shared a very traumatic story — being raped over two years ago.

Abigail Blake posted a Twitter thread on Thursday narrating the incident happened December 2, 2017. Apparently, she was abused by two of her friends, whom she named in the series of tweets, while she was heavily intoxicated.

Jameson joins the growing list of celebrities and personalities supporting people who bravely share their traumatic experiences and the call to stop victim blaming.

Frankie Pangilinan, for one, embraced the #HijaAko movement that despite being belittled by broadcast journalist Ben Tulfo is firm with her stand on rape.

Her parents, Kiko Pangilinan and Sharon Cuneta expressed support too.

Other celebrities included Lauren Young, Janina Vela, and Jennylyn Mercado.



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