Fans Claim Song Hye-Kyo Is Hyun Bin's Real Lady Love

Here’s the evidence the fans have to back their claim.


Song Hye-Kyo, And Not So Yen Jin Is Hyun Bin's Real Lady Love, Fans Claim

Rumors have been going around saying that “The World They Live In” stars—and ex-lovers—Hye-Kyo and Hyun Bin have secretly rekindled their love after 9 years of separation.

Attentive fans have pointed out that Hye-kyo’s recent post in Instagram looks very similar to the same location Hyun Bin shot a commercial in some time ago. Plus, Hyun Bin’s stylist recently followed Hye-kyo on Instagram as well. Perhaps the stylist knows something the fans don’t?

Regardless, fans are hopeful that the pair’s time together on “The World They Live In” rekindled something that faded back 2011, and there might be some silver lining to be found in 2020 after all.

Hye-kyo and Hyun Bin confirmed that they were dating in 2009 but split in 2011 due to busy schedules and constant pressure from the public. Hye-kyo married Song Joong Ki of “Descendants Of The Sun” fame in 2017 but divorced him in 2019.

Is Hyun Bin better off with Song Hye-kyo or with So Yen Jin? Share your thoughts in the comments below!





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