LOOK: Bea Alonzo gets new hobbies

"It makes my heart happy." -Bea (Photo: @beaalonzo/Instagram)


LOOK: Bea Alonzo gets new hobbies

Bea Alonzo took to social media on Saturday as she showed her followers the new things she learned to do amid the on-going COVID-19 quarantine.

In her latest Instagram post, Bea is seen busy doing an artwork.

"Trying different things in this unprecedented time. Never even thought of painting before, (don’t judge! I just started and not claiming to be good at it!) But I realized, arts and plants go very well together. It’s like reading a book, you are taken to another world, a world where you are the only one allowed to enter," she shared.

"It’s an escape. Since I haven’t been acting for quite some time now because of the pandemic, I thought, I should find an outlet for my creativity. It’s nice. It makes my heart happy." Bea added.

Apart from this, Bea, together with her teeammates in 'I Am Hope,' has been very busy reaching out to those who have been hardly hit by the pandemic.