Antoinette Jadaone, Juan Miguel Severo release podcast

"Dahil ang pag-ibig, dapat shine-share."



Antoinette Jadaone, Juan Miguel Severo release 'Walang Kwentang Podcast'

Antoinette Jadaone and Juan Miguel Severo launched 'Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast.'

Now available on Spotify, the filmmaker and the spoken word artist's new collaboration project will "let you eavesdrop on their hilarious and sometimes *insightful* conversations as they make tsika about love and hugot, pop culture and trending topics that make their heart a-flutter or a a-angry."

"Dahil ang pag-ibig, dapat shine-share," said the two.

On the first episode, titled 'The College Heartbreaks That Made Us,' Jadaone and Severo reminisced about "the origins of their katangahan sa pag-ibig where else but in the time and place when we thought we would never love as much — college."

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